MedGrow Cannabis

MedGrow Cannabis, headquartered in South Africa, has been a leader in the climate-environmental agriculture (CEA) Growth Chambers since 2005. With a track record of over 300 precision-controlled environments globally, we specialise in providing customised turn-key solutions for pharmaceutical-grade cannabis and marijuana production. We optimise crop production, quality, and efficiency through advanced horticultural and engineering techniques in controlled-environment agriculture.

Through the integration of advanced horticultural and engineering techniques in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), MedGrow Cannabis excels at optimising crop production, ensuring exceptional quality, and enhancing overall efficiency. Our meticulously engineered Growth Chambers enable year-round cultivation, effectively overcoming climate limitations that would otherwise hinder plant growth.



MedGrow Cannabis  offers a comprehensive range of CEA Growth Chambers tailored to each stage of cannabis production.

Whether it’s the cultivation of mother plants, propagation, vegetative growth, flowering, or post-harvest processing, we provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each stage.

Housing for Mother Plants

A dedicated space for nurturing and maintaining healthy mother plants.

Micro-propagation Facility

An advanced facility designed for rapid germination of seedlings and clones obtained from tissue-cultured labs or soft-tip cuttings from mother plants.

Vegetative & Flowering Stages

Specifically designed for fast and efficient growth of vegetation and flowering stages of medical cannabis plants.

Bio-secure Processing Facilities

These facilities are equipped to handle crucial stages of harvesting, curing, drying, bulk classing, packages and climate-controlled storage.



Our technology provides commercial-scale, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis growers with unprecedented environmental control. This level of control enables growers to refine and replicate specific growth conditions, resulting in consistent plant properties for every harvest. It also ensures repeatedly maximising product quality and throughput in large-scale operations.

We work closely with our clients, collaborating with their architects and engineers to optimise the layout within their existing or new facilities. Our goal is to provide a turnkey, growing solution tailored to their specific needs.